Algorithms, Volume 4, Complexity and Merge sort

Merge Sorting Algorithm, Python

Multithreading v/s Multiprocessing in Python

When to use which?

Memory Management and Garbage Collection in Python

What's happening behind the scenes?

Data Serialization in Python, Pickles

Is pickling better?

Data Serialization in Python, JSON

Why do we need to serialize data

Algorithms, Volume 3, Selection Sort

Selection Sorting Algorithm, Python

Algorithms, Volume 2, Bubble Sort

Bubble Sorting Algorithm, Python

Algorithms, Volume 1, Sorting

Sorting Algorithms, Python

ReactJS, Volume 5

(work in progress)

ReactJS, Volume 4


ReactJS, Volume 3


ReactJS, Volume 2


Data Structures, Volume 1

Directed Acyclic Graphs

Flask, Volume 3: Forms


ReactJS, Volume 1

State of the modern frontend

Star Trails Photography, Volume 4

Automation, Python

Star Trails Photography, Volume 3

Automation, ADB

Star Trails Photography, Volume 2

ISO and other settings

Flask, Volume 2: Route

The first route

Flask, Volume 1: Introduction

The lowest barrier-to-entry Python web framework

Virtual Environments

Self containment and self isolation


Get hostname in Python

Star Trails Photography, Volume 1

Astronomy week

List Comprehension

Readability counts.


You will eventually need to remotely "I'm in".

Dataclasses in Python

Part of the remove-all-boilerplate movement.